‘I Origins’: Gazing deeply into eyes and evolution


Director and writer Mike Cahill has said that while he’s not a scientist, his fascination with scientific issues and the men and women who pursue that kind of research makes him feel compelled “to make films about science and scientists.”

In “I Origins,” his second …

‘Mood Indigo’: Perpetual motion that goes nowhere


French director Michel Gondry (“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”) is a cinematic magician when it comes to creating intriguing, imaginative and, frankly, mind-blowing visual images. In “Mood Indigo,” based on author Boris Vian’s widely acclaimed novel of intense romantic love and searing loss, we …

‘Under the Electric Sky’: 3-D barker for Electric Daisy Carnival


‘Under the Electric Sky” is a bedazzled (if not quite dazzling) 3-D documentary about last year’s Electric Daisy Carnival, a humongoid electronic dance music festival in Las Vegas. The annual booty-shaking bacchanalia is the 21st-century incarnation of 1990s rave culture, or, as one star DJ …

‘Hercules’ pushes Dwayne Johnson to his limits


“It was the most physically challenging role I’ve ever played,” the former wrestler says.

‘Planes: Fire & Rescue’: Flying higher than the animated original


Y ou’d think it would be fairly easy to make a sequel better than the original, especially when the first film was pretty lame. Sadly, that’s often not the case. The good news here: “Planes: Fire & Rescue” is a good improvement over “Planes,” which …

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‘Boyhood’: Simple yet universal epic that feels like real life

RICHARD ROEPER: Filming over 12 years, director Richard Linklater creates a living time capsule, the best movie of 2014 so far.

‘The Purge: Anarchy’: All the brutality, none of the irony of original


Government-sanctioned mayhem continues unabated in the follow-up to last year’s surprise hit “The Purge,” but the wickedly satiric sense of humor that made the original worth watching is nowhere to be found. That’s a shame, because writer/director James DeMonaco created a classic action-exploitation concept when …

‘Sex Tape’: Unfunny slapstick spoils the fun


The winning chemistry of Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel gets lost when the promising comedy about family life turns into a preposterous chase.

‘Wish I Was Here’: Whiny lead scrubs any hope of fun


RICHARD ROEPER: Zach Braff directs and plays the insufferable Peter Pan at the center of this condescending exercise in self-indulgent pandering,

‘The Last Sentence’: Old-fashioned virtues boost Swedish biopic


In the introspective “The Last Sentence” Swedish director Jan Troell invokes ’50’s and ’60’s Swedish cinema: masterly black-and-white cinematography, philosophical angst, a lifeless marriage and loved ones visiting from the afterlife.

Troell, co-credited as cinematographer and editor too, co-writes this biopic of Swedish theologian-turned-journalist Torgny …