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Teaching pup and toddlers to get along

ASK DOG LADY: We recently put a deposit down on a 2-month-old Pekingese/Pomeranian. We have two little girls, ages 2 and 6. A lot of things I have read say that the Pekingese is going to bite my daughter. I am concerned.

Pet needs fitness plan

ASK DOG LADY: My elderly aunt had to move into a nursing home, my husband and I have taken in her dog, who weighs 38 pounds.. Do you have any other advice about how to slim him down?

Consistent training helps pet

ASK DOG LADY: What’s up with the change in behavior by her beloved Dachshund?

What’s the right way to give a dog eye drops?

ASK DOG LADY: Is there a best way to successfully give a dog —that doesn’t want them — needed eye drops?

How to greet Parisian pups

ASK DOG LADY: He’s heard the French aren’t always approachable. Ah, but what about their dogs?

How to stop dogs from using house as their personal bathroom

ASK DOG LADY: His girlfriend’s rescue dogs see their home as one big pooch bathroom. How can the behavior be stopped, a patient boyfriend wonders.

Here’s why your neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking

ASK DOG LADY: What’s the solution when the neighbor has not one, but two dogs who bark at everything

Sharing bed with dog is a no-no

ASK DOG LADY: Crumpet’s sweet until night falls and she and her owner share a bed. Then, the Cujo in her comes out.

Could lawn service sprays hurt pets?

ASK DOG LADY: Dogs on the cul de sac have diet of cancer. Should she worry about the lawn service spraying?

When he’s hot but his dog is not

ASK DOG LADY: She and her Schnauzer like him. His aggressive Doberman is another matter. Is there hope for a future romantic relationship?

Home remedies not helping itchy pup

ASK DOG LADY: The do-it-yourself flea treatments don’t seem to be working. What’s the next step?

Should you make your dog wear a Halloween costume?

ASK DOG LADY: Her black Scottish terrier’s name may be Spooky, but that doesn’t mean he wants to have anything to do with a Halloween costume. What’s a Halloween lover to do?

Little car’s a big adjustment for golden retriever

ASK DOG LADY: Tye’s a 2-year-old golden retriever from Michigan. Is his hesitation to jump into a little Prius because he’s used to big vehicles? What’s an owner to do?

Dog’s visit literally starts pissing match

ASK DOG LADY: Her family thinks it’s no picnic when Picnic the visiting dog and their cats get together and have a pee fest. What’s the solution?

Why won’t Husky stop peeing in their house?

ASK DOG LADY: All the cleaning in the world hasn’t stopped Husky from relieving herself in their home. Why?

For dogs, there’s comfort in a little gentle chewing

ASK DOG LADY: My dog, Issy, loves to nibble on gloves, corners of pillows etc. She does not destroy any item, just bites down on them. Why?

Why won’t dog take a treat handed to her?

ASK DOG LADY: I have a rescue dog, Millie, and she won’t take a treat from my hand. Do you think she fears human hands because of a traumatic experience?