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Make working out something family does together

Mom is a pilot and on the road all the time. Dad takes up the slack when she’s gone. But their work schedule and active kids has taken a toll on their fitness and eating habits. That’s about a time.

Avoid the triggers for ADHD

DRS. ROIZEN AND OZ: It seems like half the kids in my son’s fourth-grade class are diagnosed with ADHD. What’s going on? Am I imagining things?

Time for Illinois to pass gay marriage bill


DR. LAURA BERMAN: On Feb. 27, the Illinois House Executive Committee gave the green light to a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage in our state. However, the bill must now go for a full House vote — and pass — before Gov. Pat Quinn can sign it. Sadly there are still many misconceptions when it comes to the fight for gay rights.

Teens have sex: What parents can do about it


Teenagers are having sex. Whether we like it, condone it or threaten to lock them in their rooms for the next several years like our parents did, it’s just a part of life.

How to caregivers — including granny — to follow your parenting rules

Do some rules get broken by caregivers, well-meaning relatives — or even your child’s other parent? Have you thrown up your hands and given up after Grandma’s let the kids stay up late in your absence? The problem is that if some rules become lax (or thrown away altogether), young children figure that all rules can follow.

8 ways to up the  calcium in your diet

Here are eight ways to add calcium.

When a coat is a good idea for a dog

ASK DOG LADY: As a general matter I agree that putting a coat on a dog doesn’t make sense. But, it is a great help when you acclimatize your dog to new elements.

Steamed clams deliver big flavor


SARA MOULTON: Certain ingredients — including clams, mussels, rack of lamb, skirt steak and dark chocolate — make meals delicious with very little effort on your part. Really, you’d have to be an idiot to screw them up. Clams and mussels are especially generous, delivering a one-two punch of taste thrills: the succulent bivalves themselves and the deeply flavorful juices that stream out of them when they’re cooked.

‘Biggest Loser’s’ Jillian Michaels: Fad diets don’t work


Jillian Michaels, the fitness trainer with the drill-sergeant style on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” says that for those who want to lose weight, her best piece of advice is: Stop following fad diets.

Bad first-time sex can make for mediocre future encounters

DR. LAURA BERMAN: Losing one’s virginity can feel like a life-changing experience when you are growing up, and a new study has found that it actually might be.

What to have — and what to avoid — at all-you-can-eat buffets


DR. ROIZEN AND OZ: My family loves to go to the local all-you-can-eat buffet for dinner. But I am really trying to eat better and lose weight. Any tips on how to survive this massive temptation to overeat all the wrong stuff?

Should Westie’s headbanging worry owners?

ASK DOG LADY: The 13-year-old Desmond, a West Highland white terrier, does this headbanging ritual when his stomach’s not right. Why? And, is it harmful?

A fast and healthy pear crisp to make any season


SARA MOULTON: Sometimes, even on a weeknight, you really crave a little dessert. But making dessert takes time, and you already are spending time cooking up the main event, namely dinner.

8 ways to up the  calcium in your diet

Here are eight ways to add calcium.

Flu shots: Sorting facts from fiction


DRS. OZ AND ROIZEN: Still need convincing to get a flu shot? Here are five flu falsehoods and the real scoop.

Laura Berman: Why I had the Vampire Facial

DR. LAURA BERMAN: Intellectually, I realize that wrinkles are a sign of maturity and wisdom, but emotionally, these creases and crinkles can be a little harder to swallow. I think most women are in a similar boat; we identify as strong and confident individuals both at the office and at home, but when it comes to our outer appearance, even the most powerful among us quavers a little at thought of age spots and wrinkles.