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Steve Huntley is a commentary columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and a member of its editorial board.

He served as editor of the editorial page …

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U.S. projects weakness on Ukraine

It seems pretty clear that Russian President Valdimir Putin can do pretty much what he wants in Ukraine. It also seems pretty clear that the United States and Western Europe will pretty much acquiesce to anything he does short of an outright invasion. The best …

Liberals fear full, unfettered debate

Democrats and their left-wing, government-knows-best allies are up in arms over the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling last week weakening Washington’s control over political speech. The hysterical roar of their outrage is a gauge of how badly they fear their ideas will do under the rigorous …

Kerry’s delusions won’t bring peace

That the latest round of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations appear on the verge of collapse should surprise no one given the yawning gap between the two sides and the persistent hostility of the Palestinian Authority to any significant commitment to a resolution of the decades-old conflict. The …

Jeb Bush has good creds, bad name

Jeb Bush would appear to be a perfect general election candidate for the Republican Party: A record of success and competence as governor of Florida. Moderate conservative principles. A history of bipartisanship. Thoughtful leadership on vital policy issues like education. Fluency in Spanish, a Mexican-born …

The price we’ll pay for Obamacare

STEVE HUNTLEY: Obamacare was back in federal court facing serious challenges this week, the administration rewrote the law again, and the March 31 deadline for signing up turns out to be as firm as President Barack Obama’s infamous red lines.

Obama fails to sell foreign policy

President Barack Obama is at the Hague trying to build unity among European allies for tough sanctions against Russia for its abuse of Ukraine. Hanging over his effort will be the question of why Obama didn’t shore up support at home for his foreign policy …

Stand up for Israel when it counts

Crisis in the Ukraine edged to the sidelines, if only temporarily, the often misguided focus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Yet, as Valdimir Putin pushed Ukraine around, President Barack Obama hosted meetings in the last couple of weeks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian …

Putin ends the left’s daydream

STEVE HUNTLEY: Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Crimea and the sham vote there to be annexed to Russia constituted the nail in the coffin in the American Left’s wishful thinking of a new age. Gone is the notorious “reset” with Moscow, back is the Cold War-like reality of East-West confrontation.

Russia, not Ukraine, will have Crimea

The Ukrainian crisis is in flux, with ultimatums, warnings and diplomatic statements being issued while troops are on the move. Even with the uncertainty in daily events, several things seem clear. Crimea is lost to Ukraine. The only question is whether Russia annexes it outright, …

Obama and Boehner: bad leaders

STEVE HUNTLEY: The root of the rancor and gridlock in Washington was on vivid display this week: a failure of leadership by a Democratic White House and a Republican House of Representatives.

Putin looms over inspiring Ukraine

STEVE HUNTLEY: The story from Ukraine is heartening, even inspirational, with protesters braving police bullets to force a corrupt president from office and give their nation hope for a more representative government based on Western values. Yet lurking over the eastern horizon is Vladimir Putin.

Uh, oh, prez goes crusading again

STEVE HUNTLEY: President Barack Obama is mounting a new campaign to combat climate change. Yes, the administration that couldn’t construct a working Obamacare website is now telling us it knows how to fix the global atmospheric ecosystem to benefit all humanity.

Tax reform key to strong economy

Perhaps at your house, as at mine, this is the time of year when a copy of TurboTax shows up by the computer. Or your thoughts turn to an accountant, H&R Block or another tax-help outfit. The annual season for paying the tax man his …

Obama assaults First Amendment

The Constitution has proved to be a reliable, durable, trustworthy framework for the workings of a democratic republican government. Yet it neglected to lay down some fundamental principles for maintaining a free society, so the Founders added the Bill of Rights. First among those principles …

Signs say IRS targeted tea party

STEVE HUNTLEY: President Barack Obama maintains there’s “not even a smidgen of corruption” in the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of tea party and conservative groups.But testimony at a congressional hearing last week raised red flags about IRS abuse of conservatives that should trouble Americans no matter what their political leanings.

Obama pushes welfare mentality

‘Darlin’, the government’s gonna find out about this house, they’re going to stop my welfare.” That line, from the 2004 Academy Award-winning best picture “Million Dollar Baby” starring Clint Eastwood and Hilary Swank, defines the entitlement mentality that is causing new headaches for the White …

Scarlett Johansson takes a stand

Hollywood celebrities usually bring a hammer to political issues, so it’s surprising and welcome to see actress Scarlett Johansson adopt a nuanced position on a highly contentious controversy, an Israeli business operating in the disputed West Bank. You might have seen the Super Bowl commercial …