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Carol Marin is the political columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times.

In addition to her work at the paper, she is the political editor for NBC5 …

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  • Marin: Alvarez spokeswoman called reporters investigating Koschman case “j--offs”

    Cook County prosecutors cheered on efforts by lawyers for former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley’s nephew Richard J. “R.J.” Vanecko to keep the David Koschman case from going to special prosecutor, emails obtained by Chicago Sun-Times show

  • Chicago numb to murder numbers

    I’m still searching for a kid named Larry Davis who would be about 15 by now. I told you about him last week, that I’d met him on the West Side in the gang territory known as Holy City and that his mother and siblings …Read More

  • Looking for Larry in ‘Holy City’

    I’m looking for a kid named Larry Davis. Finding him has been harder than I anticipated. Larry should be about 15 by now. I say “should be” because in the shooting parts of this city, the teen survival rate is also not what it “should …

    What does the applause for Preckwinkle mean?

    Toni Preckwinkle, president of the Cook County Board, got a standing ovation Monday at the White Eagle Banquet Hall in Niles. Meaning? Quite a bit, I’d say, considering Preckwinkle is getting increasing pressure to run against Rahm Emanuel in 2015. The dinner at which Preckwinkle …

    How I learned from Howard Baker

    Howard Baker taught me a thing or two about reading a script in front of a camera. Yes, that Howard Baker. The one who died on Thursday at the age of 88. Son-in-law of the legendary Everett Dirksen of Illinois. Before he was Ronald Reagan’s …

    Carol Marin: Wilders take to Lake Shore Drive

    I called 911. It was rush hour on Tuesday on Lake Shore Drive. I’d just rounded the curve, northbound, by Oak Street Beach and noticed a heavy presence of Chicago Police officers on bikes and in cars. And, if I’m not mistaken, on ATVs. The …

    Bruce Rauner’s game of chicken

    Running for governor should not be a game of chicken. It’s a waste of time and an insult to a voter’s intelligence. Yet, there was Bruce Rauner, the GOP candidate for governor, with his running mate, Evelyn Sanguinetti, posing with three caged soon-to-be roasted hens. …

    How not to pick a federal judge

    How do you become a federal judge? The simple answer is that a U.S. senator recommends you and the White House and Senate approve you. Will Jack Blakey, 48, soon be one? Probably. Blakey is widely regarded as a good man and a competent attorney. …

    Singing a sad Springfield song

    That drip, drip, drip you’re hearing out of Springfield is the sound of Illinois drowning. Shall we sing the ways? ‘Up on the Roof’ Over at the Governor’s Mansion, the 44-year-old roof is gasping for life. Water is coming in. Plaster is falling down. Antique …

    Could Rahm lose race over bike lanes?

    A funny thing popped up in the recent, dismal Rahm Emanuel public approval poll. An unexpected voter complaint emerged. That complaint? Bike lanes. Surprised? Me too. The Mike McKeon and Associates’ poll for Early & Often, the Sun-Times’ political portal, was published two weeks ago. …

    As hiring oversight is set to end, alderman hires Todd Stroger

    CAROL MARIN: Brace yourself, citizens of Chicago. Todd Stroger is returning to a government payroll near you. Word that Stroger is being hired as a Chicago aldermanic contract employee comes on the heels of news this week that Michael Shakman, the nemesis of city patronage hiring, declared himself finally satisfied that real progress has been achieved in stopping the politically connected from latching on to city jobs.

    Firearms & fashion — how chic!

    If the past is any guide, leggy models in skimpy apparel will strut down the runway with lacy holsters and plastic handguns at the 2014 Firearms & Fashion Show. Two women sponsor this.

    Teachers with voice and muscle

    They are the ebony and ivory of teacher union leaders. Dan Montgomery at 50 is tall, white and studious looking. Perfect for the high school English teacher he once was and for the thoughtful union leader he has become. Karen Lewis is 60, not as …

    Carol Marin: Fire cops in Koschman cover-up

    Though R.J. Vanecko this year admitted his guilt and served 60 days in jail, he is the only person in this whole horrible saga who’s been held legally or ethically accountable.

    Hillary, beware the word ‘invincible’

    Even those of us who are rooting for a woman president realize Clinton needs a serious scrimmage to take on the road to Iowa, New Hampshire and all the way to California in the first week of June.

    Oh, when Obama ties up the town

    When the president comes to town, it’s a big deal. As it should be. Air Force One touches down, the president greets dignitaries, choppers downtown and a really big motorcade carries him around. People along the route wave, take photos and tell their friends, “I …

    Quinn, Rauner fail as cartoonists

    Cartooning is an art. The work of Sun-Times’ Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist Jack Higgins and the creators of “The Simpsons” come to mind. They can cut through the clutter of complicated issues to make a serious point with cutting humor. But it’s a rare talent. …