Sue Ontiveros biography

Sue Ontiveros has probably one of the wackiest double jobs around. She writes a column on the Saturday editorial pages and is the editor of …

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Wedding photos lower the lens

I’d like to think of today’s column as a public service for those of you attending a wedding for the first time in a while. After all, it is the wedding season and there are new attractions, if you will, when it comes to the …

Rogers Park doubles down on artsy

With fairly affordable housing, good public transportation and proximity to the lake, Rogers Park always has attracted artists. There’s an effort going on now to make sure that tradition continues and maybe brings a boost to one of the area’s commercial districts in the process. …

We thought we knew about eating right

Everything we think we know about how to eat right is wrong. The advice that one must eat a low-fat diet — one that avoids meat, butter, eggs, cheese — to be healthy has been drilled into us for decades by doctors, dietitians, government, the …

Beware high school Summer Melt

The last thing Nia Abdullah wants this summer is melting. Melting? Isn’t that something that happens as winter turns to spring? The Summer Melt is a term educators are all too familiar with, and Abdullah, the principal at Bowen High School, is working hard not …

Yikes! Another mattress store

I thought my head would explode the day I realized another mattress store was opening just blocks from the one already in my neighborhood. The only thing that bugged me more was seeing not one, but two branch banks being built near me. How can …

Jessica Alba admits it’s all a sexy act

Actress Jessica Alba may have founded the Honest Company, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t told a fib or two. While promoting her latest movie — “Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” — the 33-year-old has been in confessional mode. In an …

Dumb TV ad taps my inner Elvis

Among the many wild stories about celebrities, a favorite is the one about Elvis Presley shooting out the TV screen while watching it. Whenever I used to hear that I’d think, that’s crazy; who would do that? Not me. Now I am not so sure. …

Jobs key to staying out of trouble

Driving along the new extension of South Lake Shore Drive, I finally figured out what bothers me about Chicago’s “Put the Guns Down” campaign. Certainly it isn’t that I disagree with that sentiment. All we hear about are relentless shootings in the city. It doesn’t …

Make way for pushcart food, Chicago

Right now, the only legal pushcarts in the food mecca that is Chicago are those selling packaged frozen desserts and whole, uncut fruit.

It was all about a boy

Some teenage girls will say, you gotta fight for your man — that’s what women do. And why wouldn’t they? They have been brought up on one reality show after another, where grown women get all dolled up to scream at and connive against their supposed friends.

Far North Side’s food drought coming to an end

Hey, I was wrong, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Last fall, after it was announced that Safeway would close all of its Dominick’s stores, I wrote a column expressing concern that the Far North Side lakefront area — where I live — would …

Pass the word, Illinois’ Safe Haven Law works

On Feb, 6, a cold winter day, a young woman gave up the baby she could not keep the right way. According to the short story tucked into a corner of the Sun-Times, the young woman went to a Northwest Side fire station around dinnertime that day and handed over the baby she herself had delivered that same morning.

No joy in being right about the Archdiocese’s failures

I was an infant when baptized a Roman Catholic. Went to Catholic grammar school, was married in the church, sent my only child to Catholic grammar school (and three of his four years of high school), was extremely active in my parish (particularly when it …

The harm of phony mag photos

If ABC’s Dan Abrams’ comments were just evidence of one more guy who likes to look at fantasy women maybe I could roll my eyes and let it go. But these alterted and unrealistic magazine images are damaging when you consider the very real and enormous pressure young girls and young women feel to meet impossible standards when it comes to their bodies.

Kids believe, and you will, too

The children who write to Santa Claus in our Season of Sharing campaign are such believers in the magic of Christmas and the ability of that guy from the North Pole to give when they ask. They believe that by doing their chores and homework, it just might be possible that Santa will bring them something they want and need.

Trans fat ban won’t be so easy

We want our food to taste good (if in a synthetic way), be dirt cheap and last forever. Trans fats made all that possible, and now the FDA is poised to pretty much eliminate them from our diets.

Cutting Latino dropout rate is good for us all

A two-part series by Independent Lens, “The Graduates,” looks at the Latino dropout problem. It airs at 10 p.m. Oct. 28 and Nov. 4 on WTTW-Channel 11.