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Treating pregnant workers right

BY CRISTAL THOMAS: As expectant mothers stay on the job longer into their pregnancies, there are increasing reports of employers who refuse to accommodate their conditions. Help is on the way.

Facts just killed Obamacare haters

BY JIM NEWELL: The grounds for claiming Obamacare has been an “unmitigated disaster” are receding as more and more numbers trickle out. Republicans who hope to use an upcoming Senate hearing to bash Obamacare may get more than they bargained4 for.

Say yes to a fair income tax

BY RALPH MARTIRE: This November, Illinois voters can ratify two potential amendments to the state’s Constitution. Here’s hoping a third gets on the ballot — one that would allow state income tax rates to track ability to pay. This would permit voters to decide if they’d like to be taxed in a way that’s fairer than current law.

The parasites of Wall Street

BY ANDREW LEONARD: As Michael Lewis explains in his new best seller “Flash Boys,” high-frequency traders are taking advantage of superior technology to insert themselves between buyers and sellers on the market and skim off a piece of the action for themselves. They serve no necessary economic function. They’re parasites.

Why did Jeb Bush drag in the word ‘love’?

BY KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ: Was Jeb Bush right to insert love into a political debate? Such was the question I was asked on talk radio in response to the former Florida governor’s assertion that some immigrants come into the United States illegally as an “act of love.” It would be trite to say, “All You need is love.” It would oversimplify policy differences. But it could be a start.

Jenny McCarthy: The gray area on vaccines

I am not “anti-vaccine.” This is not a change in my stance nor is it a new position that I have recently adopted. For years, I have repeatedly stated that I am, in fact, “pro-vaccine” and for years I have been wrongly branded as “anti-vaccine.” …

Don’t banish the world’s best and brightest

BY SARAH HABANSKY: Archaic immigration policies limit, discourage and reject the world’s best and brightest to work the United States, even on a temporary basis. The heart of the problem is an obscure, but valuable work visa: the H-1B.

The case of the vanishing millionaire’s tax

BY BRIAN J. GAINES: Folks say tax the rich, surveys show, but most poeple also grossly underestimate how much in taxes the wealthy already pay, says a University of Illinois political scientist.

Close underperforming charter schools

BY REBECA NIEVES-HUFFMAN: We demand accountability from our neighborhood schools. We cannot treat charter schools that fail to make the grade any differently. Period. Push for the closure of underperforming charter schools.

  • Nigerian athlete never forgets homeland

    Recently retired NFL cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha spoke softly, a fire just below the surface, about his parents’ experience as African immigrants. He could have been talking, in a way, about my own Nigerian American family. “My parents came here with nothing. And then they had …Read More

  • Pity the plutocrats

    BY GENE LYONS: Pity the poor plutocrats, victims of the envious mob. You can hardly open the Wall Street Journal these days without reading a self-pitying screed by some billionaire hungry for love. A while back it was venture capitalist Tom Perkins, who equated criticism of the wealthy with the Holocaust.

  • ‘I confess: I like Illinois’

    BY JOHN CULLERTON: Lately I’ve been accused of being too optimistic about our state. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns. But you simply cannot ignore five years worth of progress.

    Is there a dry cleaning gender gap?

    BY KATHERINE MANGU-WARD: Earlier this week, President Barack Obama delivered this successful laugh line in a speech: “We’ll talk about dry cleaners next, right, because I know that — I don’t know why — it costs more for Michelle’s blouse than my shirt.” Obama’s not actually launching a ladies’ laundry crusade. But there are others who take the issue seriously indeed.

    More moms stay home with their children

    BY MAGGIE GALLAGHER: A decades-long trend may have reversed itself. More moms are staying home full-time, according to a new report. But are they getting what they want? Perhaps.

    Don’t judge sailboat rescue parents

    BY MARY ELIZABETH WILLIAMS: Eric and Charlotte Kaufman — along with their daughters, 3-year-old Cora and 1-year-old Lyra – set out to cross the Pacific Ocean in a 36-foot sailboat. Critics wonder: What kind of parents do that?

    More shallow explanations for mass shootings

    BY MONA CHAREN. The coverage of mental illness and PTSD in the Fort Hood case threatens to reinforce an utterly unfair stereotype of veterans. While veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan have for the most part been honored for their service and welcomed home with open arms, they are burdened by civilians’ misconceptions about PTSD.

    The real agenda behind a minimum wage hike

    BY GERALD J. ROPER: With Restaurant Opportunity Centers at the forefront, the SEIU, AFL-CIO and others can execute their labor-friendly agenda out of the spotlight.