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How to get Illinois working again

BY STATE REP. DAVID MCSWEENEY: Every time there’s news on the economy, it’s bad for Illinois — and the latest jobs numbers are no exception. Our state’s regulatory environment, combined with high taxes and out-of-control spending, are driving jobs and opportunities to other states.

Border children present a moral test

BY CHICAGO RELIGIOUS LEADERS: America is at a moral crossroads testing its national character. Americans and elected officials must act with wisdom and compassion in handling the tens of thousands of Central American children crossing the border.

‘Lost’ CPS children were never lost

BY BARBARA BYRD-BENNETT: Horror stories about hundreds of children “lost” to the streets during the school closure process were simply misguided efforts to distract us from our mission to give every child in every neighborhood the great education they deserve.

Facebook gets what Facebook wants

BY ANDREW LEONARD: On Monday, Facebook announced the company will start forcing mobile users who want to chat with their friends to install a stand-alone Messenger app. And there’s not a darn thing anyone can do about it.

Stop fear mongering over the border children

BY LINDA CHAVEZ: Those who aim to stop legal immigration reform are using the kids coming across the Mexican border to turn a humanitarian crisis into political blackmail.

Israel supporters: Beware of Hillary

Would Hillary Clinton would be a better friend to the Jewish state than the current president? Many Israel supporters hope so. They have short memories. Remember the way first lady Hillary Clinton sat mute while Suha Arafat accused Israelis of poisoning children? She then embraced …

Israel rewrites history on the fly

BY SAREE MAKDISI: Time and time again, Israel vainly attempts to reverse the relationship of cause and effect in the conflict with Palestinians, distorting and denying reality.

Why are campus administrators making so much money?

BY LAWRENCE WITTNER: The soaring salaries of university presidents and other top managers is matched only by their soaring numbers.

Don’t demonize video games for violence

BY MARY FLANAGAN: The popular media incriminate video games as a broad category that merely teaches violence. Video games are far more than violent, and many can be as harmless as a toy gun.

Hamas’ triumph

Hamas, with perhaps unwitting help from President Barack Obama, is achieving its war aim: to legitimize Islamic supremacism and Jew-hatred, and take it global. Jews are no longer safe in Europe or even in some places in the U.S. Who now recalls that when Hamas …

Blame tax code if Walgreens exits

BY REP. BRAD SCHNEIDER: More and more companies are considering moving their headquarters outside the United States to take advantage of lower corporate tax rates. The U.S. tax code is woefully outdated,

World’s most powerful men looking weak

Search the phrase “the most powerful man in the world” and what comes up are photos of grotesquely over-developed weightlifters; also Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin. Awfully ironic under present circumstances. It’s a cant term TV news anchors use to describe U.S. presidents, enhancing their …

What’s different in Israel this time

BY LISA GOLDMAN: While Israel’s third military assault in Gaza in less than six years can feel a bit like a macabre version of Groundhog Day, this time is different and more disturbing than the last. It is cause for grave concern.

Walgreens: The tax-dodger on the corner

BY EUGENE LIM: Walgreens, if we let it, will become the latest in a string of companies to move its corporate address to an overseas tax haven. It also will become one of the most shameless exploiters of this tax dodge, given that nearly a quarter of the company’s revenues come from Medicare and Medicaid.

Overcoming odds in poor schools requires a personal touch

BY RANA KHAN: Many of us take for granted the comforts of our everyday lives. No wonder it’s difficult for most people to imagine what the children in my class confront daily; poverty, violent neighborhoods, hunger and transiency. As difficult as their reality is, what offends me as a teacher is when they are told, either explicitly or implicitly, that their environment makes it impossible for them to learn.  

Where are the voices of Gaza’s victims?

BY DEANNA OTHMAN: Anchors on CNN and MSNBC tout Israel as raising the standards of moral warfare, praising it for giving families 58-second warnings before demolishing their homes, reducing these people to stereotypes, equating all with Hamas — denying their humanity.

The criminal in the Kremlin

The bodies of 298 passengers and crew of Malaysia Air Flight 17, 80 of them children, lie unburied in a Ukrainian field while Vladimir Putin’s men fire their weapons into the air to keep international investigators from approaching the site. Yes, “Putin’s men.” Calling them …