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Cannabis grows best in the sunshine

BY SCOTT MARKLE. While cannabis is still illegal under federal laws, Illinois is now one of 21 states that have created a legal framework for its medical production and distribution. There has been a lot of reporting on the new industry, but a fundamental question has been largely overlooked: How should legal cannabis be grown?

  • Election coverage fearless and fair

    At the Sun-Times, we like to report the news, not be the news. Unfortunately, this weekend we were the political story in Illinois. Our journalistic ethics were questioned by the campaign of Bruce Rauner, the Republican candidate for governor, in regard to a story we …Read More

  • Ebola hysteria driven by ratings

    “First of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror …” — President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933 Inaugural Address One time, my wife and I went walking near a pasture …Read More

  • Unjustified panic over Ebola

    BY LINDA CHAVEZ: Ebola is an awful disease that has tragically infected a handful of Americans. But it should not be dominating our news.

  • Making magic  in the classroom

    BY LAURIE HENDRICKSON: At a time of increasingly standardized curriculum in American public schools, the “Maker Movement” has become a popular trend in education. This movement gives kids a space to make something new or original — a chance to think for themselves and take charge of their own learning.

    Stop letting politicians scare you into war

    BY SHELDON RICHMAN: The best way to avoid terrorism is to stop dropping bombs on Muslims. Meanwhile, everyone should take a deep breath. The risk of being a victim of terrorism is miniscule.

    The equal pay delusion

    Voters are souring on the Democratic Party. Apparently, all it takes are six years of economic torpor; the disastrous debut of the biggest new federal program in two generations; record levels of federal debt; revelations of scandals and malfeasance at the Department of Veterans Affairs, …

    Even among colleges, the rich get richer

    BY ROBERT REICH: Imagine a system of college education supported by high government spending on elite private universities and low government spending on public universities that educate large numbers of children from the working class and the poor. That’s the American system right now.

    ‘Internet of Everything’ lights the way in Chicago

    BY BRENNA BERMAN AND WIM ELFRINK: Chicago is going high tech all over town, collecting data on a micro level to more quickly repair broken street lights, for example, and better deploy snow plows in winter. and save money on energy costs.

    Only dumb Republicans want a travel ban to fight Ebola

    BY SHIKHA DALMIA: A travel ban won’t stop the spread of the disease. It will do just the opposite.

    Marriage is about more than love

    Appearing on “Fox News Sunday” to discuss the Supreme Court’s decision to let stand a number of judicial rulings overturning the acts of legislators and/or voters in 16 states, famed advocate Ted Olson offered the kind of reasoning that, in his former incarnation as a …

    Can’t blame Turks for not trusting Obama

    BY LINDA CHAVEZ: It is not only our enemies who are getting mixed messages. In the war on ISIS, it is also our allies. Under this president, America’s word is becoming worth less and less.

    Solar energy subsidies hit struggling families

    BY ARLEY JOHNSON: Most Americans support measures to promote cleaner energy. But much of the money used to help pay for solar panels comes from taxes and electricity rates paid by all — including low-income residents.

    Who’s winning the race of South vs. Midwest?

    BY RICHARD C. LONGWORTH: Chicago’s success explains a lot of what’s gone wrong with the rest of the Midwest.

    Latinos, don’t support Democrats

    BY ARTURO CARMONA: Given President Obama’s latest betrayal of the Latino community, delaying executive action on deportations, it is time for Latinos to take a stand for the value of our own lives by reconsidering our votes.

    Ebola brings out the Chicken Littles

    One afternoon two weeks ago, I did my best to calm a friend who’d become fearful that her son would contract Ebola in Syria. The young man had enlisted in the National Guard. She knew the U.S. was bombing ISIS terrorists there, and that people …

    Christians versus libertarians

    BY HEATHER WILHELM: Ayn Rand’s novels shed light on a long-present tension on the political right: the distance between many libertarians and certain Christians.