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EDITORIAL: CPS can cheer, but challenges remain

EDITORIAL: Sept. 2, opening day for the Chicago Public Schools, is a day to celebrate recent academic growth — but also to look honestly at the huge challenges ahead.

Could obesity be overlooked?

EDITORIAL: We just don’t see it. Or perhaps we see too much of it. In ever increasing numbers parents in the U.S. failed to correctly identify their child as overweight or obese, a new study has found.

Ballplayer’s family not alone in this economy

EDITORIAL: Days after Chicago celebrated Jackie Robinson West’s Little League national championship, we read the heartbreaking story of one young player and his parents. They are homeless. On this Labor Day, their story — of two working parents who can’t make ends meet — reminds us that the backbone of our glorious country is a hard-working middle class, and our future as a nation depends on doing right by them.

Speed up DNA testing

EDITORIAL: It probably shouldn’t be a surprise that the Illinois State Police crime lab has a backlog. What does surprise us is that no priority label was attached to testing in the case of Chicago Police Cmdr. Glenn Evans, who is charged with shoving his gun deep into the throat of a man he thought had been carrying a gun, while also holding a Taser to the man’s groin and threatening to kill him if he didn’t say where the gun was.

Renaming interchange a fitting tribute to Byrne

EDITORIAL: It took a couple of decades before Chicagoans really came to appreciate what Jane Byrne had done. It wasn’t until Aug. 29, 2014, that the Circle Interchange was renamed for her.

EDITORIAL: Jury still out on justice in Koschman case

EDITORIAL: A young man is punched. The young man dies. An investigation is conducted. The investigation is a joke. The Sun-Times exposes the joke. Another investigation is conducted. The second investigation is a joke. The Sun-Times exposes the second joke. And nobody in on the joke pays the price.

When common sense and gun rights collide

EDITORIAL: We are obsessed with protecting children in America. We regulate where they sit in cars (in a car seat, not in the front), how they sleep (no bumpers in cribs, no drop-down railings) and what they eat and drink (no cigarettes or alcohol, of course). But when it comes to shooting a gun at a firing range, we let adult discretion take over. A nine-year-old girl wants to shoot an Uzi? That’s just fine.

Not so fast, say the grown-ups

EDITORIAL: When almost all the grown-ups say it’s a bad idea to raise the speed limit on the Illinois tollways, they’re worth heeding. And by grown-ups, we don’t mean the legislators who last spring overwhelming approved a bill to raise the speed limit from 65 to 70 mph on more than 200 tollway miles.

Dump ‘Fake IG,’  give Ferguson more power

EDITORIAL: It’s time to pull the plug on the Chicago City Council’s inspector general, an office we not-so-affectionately call the “fake IG.” The office — dreamed up in 2010 by aldermen who sought to appear reform-minded but actually wanted a do-nothing office with no real power to effectively investigate them — was doomed from the start. It’s time to finally get this right.

Leave the Knee Defender at home

EDITORIAL: Let’s wade right into this one and take sides: A man on a United Airlines flight on Sunday who used a gadget called the Knee Defender to prevent a woman in front of him from reclining her seat was completely out of line.

Pullman Park needs Congress’ support

EDITORIAL: To be a success,  Pullman will require sufficient start-up funding — that’s where Congress comes in.

Consolidating many governments in Illinois can create savings

EDITORIAL: Gov. Pat Quinn signed a couple of bills last week to make it easier for voters to get rid of unnecessary and wasteful units of government. This is nice because Illinois is the king of boutique governments, tiny tax-soaking entities that often handle a single job, such as street lighting or storm drainage. But the bills Quinn signed are fly swatters at a garbage dump. They won’t help much.

Editorial: Thanks, Jackie Robinson West

EDITORIAL: You are the United States Little League champions, Jackie Robinson West. Whatever happens Sunday, you will remember these golden days forever. May life give you many more.

IDOT political hiring is setback for Quinn

EDITORIAL: Everybody who knows anything about Illinois’ sordid political history knows this: Almost every chapter includes abuses related to hiring or to contracting. So what to make of Friday’s news about patronage abuses at the Illinois Department of Transportation under Gov. Pat Quinn? He should have known better.

Kids pay the price for weak oversight of charter schools

EDITORIAL: For the next week, more than 400 frantic families who had planned to enroll at a new charter school near Chatham will instead be scrambling to find a new school. Those 400 plus kids and 40 laid-off teachers are paying a huge price, just the latest and strongest indication that CPS and the charter school community must do a better job overseeing and policing Chicago’s charter schools.