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A higher standard of criminal justice

EDITORIAL: Somewhere, a guilty person walks free, a brazen killer who shot Marilyn Green and Jerry Hillard to death in 1982 in Washington Park. An outrage for the victims families and friends, to be sure. But better to let the accused walk, to err on the side of preserving the integrity of our justice system, than to keep a man in jail when the facts are in doubt. That’s what happened Thursday, when the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office asked that the murder conviction be vacated for Alstory Simon, 64.

Sad day  when  Catholic  schools  close

EDITORIAL: The Chicago Archdiocese, led by Cardinal Francis George, is taking the responsible, albeit painful, steps needed to help secure the school system’s future.

Refund those unfair yellow-light tickets

EDITORIAL: Here’s the point the city is missing as it happily stuffs millions into its pocket from shorter yellow lights: A huge number of Chicagoans have a grudge about red-light cameras because they believe their real purpose is about raising revenue, not safety.

Let’s not oversell CTA terrorist screenings

EDITORIAL: Let’s say you’re a terrorist. You’ve got a bomb in your backpack and you’re about to get on the subway. But you see uniformed police officers screening riders’ bags and purses for explosives at the turnstile up ahead. What do you do? Our guess is you turn around, walk a few blocks to a CTA station where the police are not doing searches, and get on a train with your bomb. So much for homeland security.

Tourism biz should be more transparent

EDITORIAL: Best we can tell, based on what Sun-Times reporter Chris Fusco recently found when he turned over a few rocks, Choose Chicago is playing the same old political insider’s game for which Illinois and Chicago are notorious.

Keep effort vs. domestic violence moving forward

EDITORIAL: Here’s a statistic that shows real progress in combating domestic violence: Arrests in the Logan Square area shot up 53 percent from May to August — and incidents dropped 9 percent. Could there be a correlation here? We think so.

Keep it peaceful in Ferguson, Mo.

EDITORIAL: At some time, possibly in the next month, a decision by a grand jury investigating the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., will be made public. If that decision is to not indict Police Officer Darren Wilson, we hope protestors will heed calls be religious and community leaders to keep demonstrations nonviolent.

Why wasn’t Ebola doc kept under scrutiny?


Illinois needs better way to deal with terminally ill inmates

EDITORIAL: When America’s prisons start looking like hospice care facilities for old and dying inmates, we’re wasting a lot of money.

Scandal or not, Bring on that  federal monitor

EDITORIAL: Gov. Quinn either knew about the political hires at IDOT or he should have known.

Back to the past with mayor’s move

EDITORIAL: Our beef is not necessarily with Emanuel’s anointed one, Kurt Summers. Our beef is with the complete disregard for an open, democratic process.

Fix pot law conflicts so industry can grow

EDITORIAL: Here’s what’s clear: A marijuana gold rush is coming to Illinois. Here’s what’s not so clear: How will fundamental conflicts between state and federal laws governing marijuana be resolved? Because until those conflicts are worked out, too much of this lucrative industry will be a cash business, ripe for fraud and organized crime, and nobody — consumers or suppliers — can feel completely safe from federal snooping and sanctions.

Time to get ahead of Ebola

EDITORIAL: Our advanced medical system ultimately will contain the disease. But as more mistakes come to light and the diagnoses grow, we can take nothing for granted.

Editorial: Bruce Rauner for governor

EDITORIAL: Bruce Rauner can’t wait to get Illinois moving again, for the benefit of each and every one of us.

Editorial: Why we are back in the endorsement business

EDITORIAL: The Chicago Sun-Times will again endorse candidates in elections. We will plunge back in Sunday with an endorsement in the race for governor, and we will make endorsements in the February Chicago municipal elections and other key local races.