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Rick Morrissey has been a sports columnist at the Sun-Times since December 2009. Before that, he was a columnist at the Chicago Tribune for nine …

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Cubs finally bringing Wrigley Field up to date

The deconstruction workers were busy reducing the left-field bleachers to rubble, and passersby could see the back of the outfield wall and into the old ballpark. It was weird, like regarding an open-air living room after someone accidentally had hit the accelerator instead of the …

At 3-3, Bears are right where they need to be in NFL

RICK MORRISSEY: I don’t mean to give hope to the hope-deficient, but it’s not as if the NFL is all that intimidating right now. I’m not speaking to those Bears fans who are genetically wired to believe their team is always on the verge of duplicating the success of the ’85 Bears (all bow), which is to say oodles of you.

Despite NFL’s seamy side, fans can’t stay away on Sunday

Right now, the NFL should be the guiltiest of guilty pleasures. And by all rights, it should be losing customers left and right because of the unsavory elements of its product. The reality is something completely different. America keeps watching, no matter what. We learn …

Truth won’t be top priority on Jeter’s new website

Derek Jeter has launched a website for professional athletes who long to tell their ‘‘unfiltered’’ stories. That’s a good one! Everything is filtered these days. Jeter wants top athletes to be able to present themselves the way they’d like to be presented and not be …

If Bears want to be Packers, then they’ll have to beat them

To get where the Bears want to go — the Super Bowl, presumably — they’ll have to solve the Packers sooner or later. And Cutler will have to figure out how to be more Rodgers-like than Jay-like.

Derrick Rose, Jay Cutler and more: A Chicago sports primer for Bishop Cupich

RICK MORRISSEY: A reporter recently asked the soon-to-be archbishop of Chicago, Blase Cupich, what he had been doing to learn about the city. “I’m reading the sports page, for one,’’ he said.

  • Retiring Paul Konerko never stopped trying to refine his craft

    RICK MORRISSEY: You’d show up on one of the first few days of spring training and find a sunny, happy, loose Paul Konerko.

  • ‘Stick to sports’ doesn’t make sense anymore

    MORRISSEY: Stick to sports. I can’t tell you how many times readers have sent me that admonishment. One problem: Sports is life, and life is sports. There is no separating them. They’re entwined.

  • Roger Goodell gives us too little, too late

    RICK MORRISSEY: Too late. Too late for all the women who have been abused and sexually assaulted by NFL players. Too late for all the abusive players who could have been helped before they started throwing punches.

  • Who are the real Bears?

    RICK MORRISSEY: So, who the heck are these guys? More than a day after the Bears’ death-defying victory over the San Francisco 49ers, I’m not sure I have any better sense of them.

  • Save the worship for when Cubs actually win

    It’s one thing to hope. It’s another to let your imagination run wild until panting projections become indisputable facts. In other words, howdy, Cubs fans. I don’t want to say that some of you have skipped a few important steps, but debating about what smoking …

  • Can the Bears’ problems be fixed?

    RICK MORRISSEY: If there was a theme to the Bears’ response to their season-opening loss Sunday, it was that they would have to watch game film to offer an educated explanation of what happened. Apparently, they’ll get back to us on this.

  • Sponsors, not victims, force NFL to act

    RICK MORRISSEY: It took a hotel-chain boycott and the threat of other corporate action, not the welts on an abused 4-year-old boy, for the Minnesota Vikings to take Adrian Peterson off the field. No matter where this mess ends up, let’s make sure we never lose sight of that.

    With lots of luck to offset flaws, Bears could win it all — maybe

    MORRISSEY: This might be the last time we can put ‘‘Bears,’’ ‘‘win’’ and “Super Bowl’’ in the same sentence this season, so let’s enjoy the heck out of it.

    Excused absence for Lance Briggs is a head-scratcher

    MORRISSEY: I’ve heard of an excused ­absence for a pulled hamstring. But for pulled pork? No. That’s what Bears coach Marc Trestman gave linebacker Lance Briggs, who missed practice Monday to be at the opening of his new barbecue restaurant.

    Flag on the NFL’s domestic violence PR play

    Roger Goodell is being lauded for seeing the error of his ways regarding domestic violence, but I’m having a hard time getting past the idea of someone in his position being so stupendously wrong at the outset. Judging by the measly two-game suspension the NFL …

    Bears’ old defense seems a step slow

    MORRISSEY: After Friday’s game, coach Marc Trestman said the defense’s issues were fixable, but how do you fix “slow?’’ How do you fix “older than Methuselah?’’