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Rick Morrissey has been a sports columnist at the Sun-Times since December 2009. Before that, he was a columnist at the Chicago Tribune for nine …

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Mike Ditka can keep calling them ‘Redskins,’ but I won’t

RICK MORRISSEY: If you saw a Native American walking across the street, would you yell out, “Hey, Redskin, you dropped your hat’’?

If Notre Dame can’t stay clean, who can?

RICK MORRISSEY: Notre Dame always has viewed itself as the ideal of how academics and athletics should coexist. Raising the question: If the Irish can’t make this work, who can?

Is Chicago ready for some football? Heavens, yes

MORRISSEY: I can’t tell you how good it was to see football players in Bears uniforms facing off against football players in Philadelphia Eagles uniforms Friday night. I don’t care if they were third-stringers, fourth-stringers or Staley the mascot’s love children. Not after what we’ve been through this summer.

  • Martellus Bennett suspension doesn’t make sense

    RICK MORRISSEY: An NFL team fining and suspending a player indefinitely for getting into a fight with a teammate during training camp?

  • Javy Baez finally with Cubs — but he’s not Superman

    RICK MORRISSEY: Are you going to let Javier Baez breathe? No, I mean really breathe, without weighing him down with all of your hopes and dreams, but specifically the dream in which he walks on water to shake hands with Kris Bryant, who is holding a cup of wine that a split second ago was water.

  • Derrick Rose says he has ‘no fears,’ so fans shouldn’t, either

    It sounded like one of those wise comments that end up in a book of quotations. ‘‘I have no fears; I have faith.’’  — Derrick Rose, U.S. basketball player. So simple yet so profound. Rose is a lot of things. Humble. Athletic. Agreeable to a …

  • Just as Derrick Rose finds voice as leader, Bulls put him in his place

    It was so refreshing to see Derrick Rose speak from the heart last week. No shield. No filter. Just him and his thoughts. In an interview Thursday with the Sun-Times, Rose talked about the tension that had existed between his inner circle and Bulls management, …Read More

  • Common-sense approach sets Greg Maddux apart from crowd

    COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. — Someone reminded Greg Maddux that when he returned to Chicago amid huge expectations for the Cubs in 2004, Kerry Wood and Mark Prior ended up struggling with injuries. The team didn’t make the playoffs. ‘‘That’s the Cubs,’’ he said. ‘‘You know the …

    Joe Goddard has many stories to tell from his 44 years at the Sun-Times

    RICK MORRISSEY: Mementos are everywhere in Joe Goddard’s home office in River Forest. Stories he wrote during his 44 years at the Sun-Times, including 27 years as a baseball writer.

  • Only time will tell if the new Bulls are an improved team

    MORRISSEY: I wish the Bulls’ season could start right now — and not just because the Cubs and White Sox aren’t good. (But mostly because of that.) There are more unknowns than knowns when it comes to this team, more unsolved mysteries than closed cases. And it should be fascinating to watch.

  • Carmelo Anthony becomes latest top free agent to spurn Bulls

    We have two losers today — one a group, the other a person. The first is the Bulls, who, over the years, have proven themselves incapable of attracting the best free agents. It happened again Saturday, when Carmelo Anthony informed them he was re-signing with …Read More

  • It’s a little harder to hate LeBron James now

    Can we get a little bit of love for LeBron James? Just a smidge? Is that asking so much from you King James haters? What he did Friday demon­strated courage, loyalty and a nobility not often found in the NBA. He announced he was going …Read More

  • Building basepaths on the South Side

    MORRISSEY: If you look closely enough at a nondescript storefront at 36th and State streets, you’ll see a flower pushing up through the desert and hear the lovely sound of bats making contact with baseballs, of coaches barking instructions, of 11- and 12-year-old boys working on being ballplayers and on being kids.

  • Fans can paint LeBron as villain, but others just want to play with him

    I’ve been writing columns in support of LeBron James for years, an exercise that always seems odd to me, like writing columns in favor of good deeds  or water. But that’s where we’re at with the guy, who still is getting blasted for ‘‘The Decision’’ …

    Cubs should avoid major mistake with Kris Bryant

    RICK MORRISSEY: The impulse is natural. Some of you Cubs fans want to see Kris Bryant in the big leagues right now. You’d like a better reason to keep living than Mr. Potato Head Keychain Day on June 22 at Wrigley Field.

    MORRISSEY: World Cup last chance to convert soccer nonbeliever

    I’m going to try hard this time. I really am. I’m going into the World Cup so open-minded you could drive a Range Rover through my head. Coincidentally, some of you soccer fans have wanted to do just that for years. But the sport and …

  • Bulls are not a destination for NBA free-agent stars

    RICK MORRISSEY: The Bulls don’t have control of what their roster will look like when next season begins. They are not in the driver’s seat as to whether Carmelo Anthony or Kevin Love will land in Chicago. They’re in the back seat or the trunk.