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Rick Telander has been the lead sports columnist at the Sun-Times since April, 1995. He previously was a senior writer for Sports Illustrated and ESPN, …

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Not a bad guess to say Adrian Peterson is finished

Almost forgotten in the uproar over the brutal ‘‘whuppin’ ’’ that Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson laid on his 4-year-old son is just how great a runner Peterson was. I say ‘‘was’’ because it’s not certain Peterson, 29, will play in the NFL again. He …

Chris Conte hit proves concussion protocol is flawed

RICK TELANDER: I saw it all in front of me at Bank of America Field last Sunday in Charlotte, and I scribbled in my notes, ``Conte has to be done.’’ I meant forever. As in playing football.

Jets’ Geno Smith pays five figures for four letters

Two interesting things occurred last week in the New York Jets’ 24-17 loss to the Detroit Lions at MetLife Stadium. First, Geno Smith took a dirty hit from Lions safety James Ihedigbo, for which Ihedigbo was fined $16,537 by the NFL. Second, Smith, the much-criticized …

NFL Draftpalooza is coming to Chicago!

RICK TELANDER: Start painting your faces, folks! Got a bear carcass in the attic? Stitch it into a coat and helmet, and get ready for marching. The 2015 NFL draft is coming to Chicago!

Roger Goodell’s speech was self-serving pap, but Brandon Marshall’s can help

There were two remarkable speeches given this week in the NFL. The first was Bears receiver Brandon Marshall’s mesmerizingly scattered monologue Thursday at Halas Hall. The second was commissioner Roger Goodell’s ingenious mea culpa Friday in New York. Both had to do with the domestic-violence …

What’s next for Brian Urlacher?

RICK TELANDER: Where’s our old buddy Brian Urlacher headed? It was pretty easy to tell where he was going back when he roamed Soldier Field in his No. 54 Bears jersey.

Mighty NFL could be done in by its own indecency

TELANDER: The only thing that can go wrong with the money-minting in the NFL is scandal, shame and lawsuits. And even those rarely slow the juggernaut. Ray Rice, et al, mean almost nothing once the games begin.

Ray Rice learned cameras, social media are always on

RICK TELANDER: If you watch the video closely, you can see Ray Rice waiting for the elevator, seemingly checking his phone, waiting for his fiancée, Janay Palmer, to walk by.

Ray Rice video should KO Roger Goodell

RICK TELANDER: Am I the only person who wasn’t shocked by the Ray Rice knockout video? I guess I’ve been to more boxing matches than most people.

Kain Colter’s noble move, Northwestern’s fumble

We haven’t been talking much about Kain Colter lately. The former Northwestern star quarterback was quietly waived last week by the Minnesota Vikings and then re-signed to their practice squad as a wide receiver, the position he signed on to play as a rookie free …

Why the Bears will go 9-7

RICK TELANDER: Do you have faith in the Bears? Are they your team, come hell or high slaughter?

Truth sleazier than fiction at USC

‘I would do it again for whatever kid it was,’’ USC star cornerback Josh Shaw said valiantly after jumping down two stories onto cement to save his drowning 8-year-old nephew. Shaw received two severe high-ankle sprains as a result. ‘‘My ankles really hurt, but I …

Cheating doper Lance Armstrong still has plenty of gall

Disgraced cycling star Lance Armstrong was asked recently by sportscaster Dan Patrick if he could have won his seven Tour de Frances without doping. ‘‘Not in that era,’’ said Armstrong, who since has been stripped of those titles. ‘‘It was an arms race. . . . I …

Derrick Rose should quit Team USA, save himself for Bulls

RICK TELANDER: OK, Derrick, just stop. Quit Team USA and call it a day. Or a week. Or whatever. Rest your right knee. Rest your left knee. Rest everything. Have yourself cryogenically frozen and then thawed in two months, ready to play NBA basketball.

Little League World Series exploits exploited by TV

RICK TELANDER: It’s too bad the Jackie Robinson West Little League team was roughed up 13-2 by a powerful Las Vegas team Sunday in a game halted after four innings by the mercy rule.

Tony Stewart learns lesson, but it’s too late

Star driver Tony Stewart officially became NASCAR’s ‘‘bad boy’’ in 2001, when he spun out Jeff Gordon at Bristol Motor Speedway after Gordon had pulled a ‘‘bump-and-run’’ on him to finish higher in the race. Stewart was put on probation for his loony act, and …

Notre Dame reputation tarnished again by academic scandal

RICK TELANDER: Four Notre Dame football players, all likely starters — including a potential All-American in defensive back KeiVarae Russell — were dropped from the team Friday in the midst of an academic-fraud scandal.