YHLSOFT INC.   Chicago, IL   Full-time     Accounting
Posted on July 12, 2021

Job Title: Accountant

yHLsoft Inc in Chicago, Illinois seeks an Accountant to inspect/analyze/interpret/prepare accounting records & financial reports; conduct budgeting & performance evaluation; assist to prepare audited financial statements & corporate tax returns; monitor cashflow needs. Requires Master’s Degree in Accounting/Accountancy; passed Level I CFA exam; demonstrated knowledge of math & statistics (graduate/undergraduate courses of Calculus & Statistics are acceptable). Please email resume to

Job duties:

  1. Inspect, analyze and interpret accounting records to prepare financial statements and comprehensive financial reports;
  2. Conduct ongoing budgeting and performance evaluation;
  3. Work with external auditors/accountants to prepare audited financial statements and corporate tax returns;
  4. Monitor ongoing cashflow needs

Minimum requirements:

  1. A Master’s Degree in Accounting/Accountancy.
  2. Passed Level I CFA exam.
  3. Demonstrated knowledge of math and statistics: graduate or undergraduate courses of Calculus and Statistics are acceptable.